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A Field Guide to Tequila offers a profound yet accessible dive into the world of tequila. This much-anticipated book is replete with rich historical and cultural detail and offers fresh perspectives on tequila marketing, regulatory policies, and environmental concerns. Szczech’s close attention to the people and communities shaping, and shaped by, tequila sets his writing apart. A Field Guide to Tequila will be an invaluable resource for aficionados and novices alike.
—Dr. Marie Sarita Gaytán, 
author of ¡Tequila!: Distilling the Spirit of Mexico
Szczech leaves no stone unturned in this comprehensive guide to Mexico’s most celebrated agave spirit. From his expert explanations of the nuts and bolts of production to his thoughtful exploration of industry trends and debunking of myths, he distills his knowledge and experience into an enjoyable read. A Field Guide to Tequila is a valuable resource for the serious agave enthusiast and the casual dabbler alike.
Emma Janzen,
Author of Mezcal: The History, Craft and Cocktails of the World’s Ultimate Artisanal Spirit, and co-author of The Way of the Cocktail and The Bartender’s Manifesto
“Szczech deftly navigates a vast landscape of information and presents it in a way that’s rich with detail yet easy to understand. A definitive book on not only the spirit, but the stories of the people and the place that make tequila so special.
Jeffrey Morgenthaler,
author of The Bar Book and Drinking Distilled
A Field Guide to Tequila is the rare book that has something for everyone, from those just getting their feet wet to those already deeply immersed in the tequila world. Equal parts educator, scholar, and entrepreneur, Szczech is a unique voice among those currently writing about agave spirits. His engaging, accessible writing belies the deep expertise that comes only through years of working in the industry. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the challenges of monoculture and environmental degradation to tequila or you simply want to know more about what’s in your margarita, this book is highly recommended! 
Dr. Ronda Brulotte,
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies,
University of New Mexico