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Book Review: Mezcalla: Tradición y cultura del mezcal michoacano, by América Minerva Delgado Lemus.

Book Review: Mezcalla: Tradición y cultura del mezcal michoacano, coordinated by América Minerva Delgado Lemus. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. (2020) Seven years ago, the late, legendary …

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Book Review: El Vino de Cocos en la Nueva España by Paulina Machuca

Paulina Machuca’s El Vino de Cocos el la Nueva España is a landmark work that should be read by all serious students of Mexican spirits. Machuca’s monumental archival research and lucid prose make for a tour de force, telling the little-known story of vino de cocos.

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D.O. or D.O.n’t? Part 2: Sustainability in Mezcal with Dr. Ignacio Torres García

A growing body of academic work indicates that the DOs, NOMs, and regulatory bodies of Mexico are failing to protect the people, cultures, and natural resources of these regions. Critics of Mexico’s DOs argue that they function more as standard business or trade associations – emphasizing volume, market share, and gross profits over the protection of the well-being of traditional producers and their social and natural environments.

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Mexican Director General of Norms

Mezcal Regulatory Council Sanctioned, Fined by Mexican Government

Mexico’s Secretariat of the Economy (SE) has sanctioned and fined the Mezcal Regulatory Council (CRM) for “deceptive, abusive” practices over the past three years. In two strongly worded June 30 rulings (oficios), the Director General de Normas painted a damning picture of the CRM’s behavior since 2017, and imposed total fines of over one million pesos ($45,000 USD). The rebukes conclude with a stern warning that repeated instances of the violations could result in the SE revoking the CRM’s mandate to certify mezcal.

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D.O. or D.O.n’t? The Case of Jalisco (Part 1: Raicilla)

This post is the first in an ongoing series focusing on Mexico’s Denominations of Origin. Denominations of Origin (DOs) are designations intended to identify and …

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Petit Bourgeois Pandemic Blues

If there’s any silver lining to any of this, it’s that millions of people may be re-awaked to the reality that we are social animals and that we are ultimately only as healthy and well-off as the most vulnerable among us.

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My New Favorite Tequila – That Isn’t a Tequila

My new favorite tequila isn’t really a tequila, legally. It was made by a man whose family has been making tequila for centuries longer than laws defining tequila have existed.

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A month in the agave life

I’m about to share some very intimate details of my life with you.

Well, kind of. I’m an extremely private person, despite the intensely social nature of my work. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing more about my day-to-day life than I ever have before.

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